The Splash Games is a wet n wild competition where teams compete in a medley of water related events involving slip n slides, water balloons and super soakers! Teams will compete across an array of events, varying from relay races, skilled competitions and games to determine the Splash Games champion – and best of all – it is for a good cause. Teams of six players will use their skill, agility, teamwork and creativity to compete in a series of games, relay races, contests and more to earn points towards their team’s totals. The team with the most points at the end of the day will be announced as the champions!

Whether you are bonding with co-workers, re-living grade school with old buddies or making new friends, the Splash Games is a great way to cool off this Summer!


What kind of games will be played?

Each game may have a variety of formats, from head to head match ups, to tournament style eliminations to timed events judging teams against all of the competition will be played. Games will vary from year to year and the final games list will be announced in the days leading up to the event. Some of this years events are listed below

  • Ultimate Slip n Slide Relay Race
  • Hungry Hungry Humans – It’s Hungry Hungry Hippos where you are the hippo!
  • Water Balloon War – Score points while getting your opponents wet!
  • Super Soaker Relay Race
  • Water Balloon Slingshot Challenge


Teams will consist of at least 6 players. There are no gender requirements, but coed teams are encouraged!
Don’t have enough to make a team? Make some new friends by signing up as a Ringer and get placed with a small group or team of other Ringers to form your brand new team and new best friends for life (or at least the day!).


The World Champions of Water:
The team that has the most points at the end of the day will be crowned ! Taking home the prestigious Grown Up Gold as well as other prizes!

Team Spirit Award:
The team that exudes the most team spirit will be awarded the team spirit award. Criteria will be determined by best costume (team themed costumes are encouraged!), sportsmanship and creativity. This award will be voted on by staff and volunteers at the event.



In addition to a great time, the Splash Games aims to raise awareness and promote the programs offered by Big Brothers Big Sisters Houston. Big Brothers Big Sister’s goal is to help children to strengthen communities through its mentorship programs aimed at helping children realize their potential and strengthen their futures.


2619 Polk St, Houston, TX 77003


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